TOSLab takes part in work of exhibitions and scientific conferences on organic, heterocyclic and combinatorial chemistry.


Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry, Baltimore, Maryland (USA), September 20-21, 2004

Biofine 2004, Berlin (Germany), May 5-6, 2004



4th International Conference on Multi-Component Reactions and Related Chemistry (MCR 2009) May 24 to May 28, 2009, Ekaterinburg

The International Symposium on Organic Chemistry, Sofia, Bulgaria (December 09-12, 2006)

The International Conference Chemistry of Nitrogen Containing Heterocycles (CNCH-2006), Kharkov, Ukraine (October 02-06, 2006)

3rd International Conference Multi-Component Reactions and Related Chemistry, Amsterdam, The Nederlands (July 9-13, 2006)

The International Symposium "Advance Science in Organic Chemistry, Sudak, Ukraine (June 26-30, 2006)

The IVth International Symposium "Design and Synthesis of Supramolecular Architectures", Kazan, Russia (May 13-17, 2006)

International Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry, in Honor of the late Professor A.N. Kost's 90th Anniversary, Moscow, Russia (October 17-21, 2005)

11th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry, Brno, Czech Republic (August 28 - September 1, 2005)

8th International Conference on Calixarenes, Prague, Czech Republic (July 25-29, 2005)

3rd European Symposium on Combinatorial Sciences in Biology, Chemistry, Catalysts and Materials, Winchester, UK (July 18-21, 2005)

4th Symposium on Drug Discovery, Antwerp, Belgium (April 7-8, 2005)

3rd EuroAsian Heterocyclic Meeting “Heterocycles in Organic and Combinatorial Chemistry, Novosibirsk, Russia (September 12-17, 2004)

2nd International Conference on Natural Products and Physiologically Active Substances, Novosibirsk, Russia (September 12-17, 2004)

60th Southwest Region Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Fort Worth, Texas, USA (September 29 – October 2, 2004)

9th International Kyoto Conference on New Aspects of Organic Chemistry (IKCOC-9), Kyoto, Japan ( November 10-14, 2003)

10th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vienn, Austria (September 3-6, 2003)

19th International Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (August 10-15, 2003)

2nd International Conference on Multi Component Reactions, Combinatorial and Related Chemistry, Genova, Italy (April 14-16, 2003)

XXth European Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry, Stockholm, Sweden (August 18–21, 2002)