Combinatorial Chemistry

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Combinatorial chemistry represents powerful synthetic tools, which allow us to prepare diverse chemical libraries on the basis of unique natural and synthetic product with the help of our own combinatorial techniques for the parallel synthesis and purification of organic compounds.

In 2000 TOSLab has organized a division at the Urals State Technical University, where scientists specialize in combinatorial chemistry. We carry out the original investigations lead to achievements in combinatorial technologies as follow:

• A new technology for chromatographic purification of organic compounds, which allows working up 40 compounds in parallel, has been developed.

• A simple and eco-friendly protocol for the libraries production has been introduced. This protocol involving multi-component reactions in aqueous solutions is amenable to the automated synthesis of the combinatorial libraries with a broad scope of structural and chemistry diversity.

• A new method for the search of multi-component reactions has been introduced that allows us to discover new chemical reactions, which are used for production of chemical libraries.

During last four years diverse chemical libraries (80-800 compounds each) on the basis of different chemical reactions (more than 20 types) have been synthesized. The obtained experience helps us to plan new combinatorial syntheses with confidence.
These results were reflected in the number of papers published in international journals including one in the combinatorial field and received good references from authorities.

TOSLab offers:

• Custom synthesis of chemical libraries on the basis of your scaffolds.
• Focused chemical libraries

Chemical libraries on the basis of unique building blocks (natural from Russian plants and synthetic and semi-synthetic from Russian academic sources).