Custom Synthesis

TOSLab has experience in producing original chemical substances in the scale from 10 mg up to several kilograms – in the lab and at chemical plants of the region.

These substances refer to Chemical Reagents, Building Blocks for high throughput screening and Standards of biological activity.



Our experience embraces:

Various heterocyclizations leading to azoles, azines and azepines;
Synthesis and intra- and intermolecular cyclyzations of thioamides;
Thionation (sulfurization) of carbonyl compounds using hydrogen sulfide, phosphorous decasulfide and Lawesson Reagent;
Reduction and oxidation of nitro, nitrozo and ketone groups;
Selective reduction of double bond in heterocycles;
Diazo group transfer on active metylene compounds;
Multicomponent reactions involving amino nitriles, isocyanides and ortho-esters.

Synthesis of:

1,3-, 1,4- and 1,5-dicarbonyl compounds;
diazo compounds, diazonium salts and azides;
indoles, pyrroles and dihydropyridines;
hydrazino heterocycles;
precursors for nitrile imines;
nucleosides of heterocycles.