TOSLab (Laboratory of Technology for Organic Synthesis) was founded in 1947 on the basis of Chemistry and Technology Department of the Urals State Technical University.
Now TOSLab is searching for biologically active compounds in collaboration with many research and pharmaceutical companies.

We are focused at:

TOSLab checks purity and quality of all its products by means of NMR analysis and HPLC. The purity of all compounds is not less than 90%.

Databases of our compounds are available in Structure-Date File (SDF) Format.

TOSLab provides high-precision sample weighting and packaging of compounds to our vials. Our customers can choose and supply their own vials or plates for packing chemicals according to their standards.

Orders for TOSLab products and services are fulfilled within reasonable terms agreed upon with the customer. Twenty thousand compounds are available from our stock could be supplied in a couple of weeks; synthesis of compounds selected from our databases takes about one month.

Additional or special services and information are given at the customer's request.

Please, contact us via mail, telephone, fax or e-mail.