27.07.2011 TOSLab in cooperation with System Biologie AG (Switzerland) offers a series of chromane and chromene derivatives relating to S-Equol. Prices and delivery times are available by request. Custom synthesis of similar substances (for example, with different substituents upon hydroxy groups) is possible. All compounds could be prepared in up to 1 kg amounts.




Trivial name




















3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)chromane-4,7-diol (the mixture of cis-isomers)



7-methoxy-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)chroman-4-ol (the mixture of cis-isomers)




Haginin E





27.06.2011 TOSLab compounds for screening are updated; current total TOSLab Collection of Compounds consists of 17748 structures.

Updated TOSLab Building-Blocks are available now here. Total database is 1222 structures which are divided into three parts referring to their availability:

Status 1 - (304 compounds) In stock;
Status 2 - (248 compounds) Could be prepared in 1-10 working days;
Status 3 - (370 compounds) Information on availability and delivery time by request.

On-line Structure Search is available as usually.

If you have special requirements, to the databases, please do not hesitate to contact to us at or at our fax +73433754135.


06.04.2010 TOSLab Building-Blocks are updated and embraces 1140 structures at present. We are offering to your attention new imidazole derivatives, several examples of which are below:

get offer for TOS-BB-1554 get offer for TOS-BB-1557 get offer for TOS-BB-1588 get offer for TOS-BB-1589

Full list of TOSLab imidazole derivatives is available here. A part of these compounds are unique from TOSLab.


11.10.2009 Yuri Shafran, TOSLab Director of Logistics&Sales has received special Top Solver gift from InnoCentive - as one of top Solvers with the most Challenges solved in the Year 2008.

Click to enlarge image.

October 2009 release of TOSLab databases is searchable and available on-line (TOSLab Collection of Compounds and TOSLab Building-Blocks).

06.06.2009 June 2009 release of TOSLab databases is available on-line; TOSLab Collection of Compounds (currently 16693 structures) and TOSLab Building-Blocks (currently 1121 structures).

05.05.2009 TOSLab is pleased to present to your attention renewed web site-based search engine. On-line search could be performed by structure (exact or substructure) combined with the other search criteria. Now on, TOSLab Collection of Compounds (currently 16603 structures) and TOSLab Building-Blocks (currently 1121 structures) will be updated regularly (at least once in a month). We would be grateful for any comments and bug reports, which could improve the service. These could be sent to special E-mail.

12.02.2009 TOSLab Collection of Compounds is updated, 255 new structures are added. Current total database embraces 16603 structures.

Updated TOSLab Building-Blocks are available as well. As usually, total database (1121 structures) is divided into three parts divided into three parts referring to their availability:

Status A (239 compounds) - In stock;

Status B (210 compounds) - Could be prepared in 1-10 working days;

Status C (672 compounds) - Information on availability and delivery time by request;

101 Structures are novel TOSLab Building-Blocks.

TOSLab Combinatorial Library consists of 3467 structures. The database now is supplemented with chemical names and some Lipinski Rule descriptors.

29.12.2008 TOSLab Collection of Compounds contains various imidazole derivatives that could be used for a research and manufacturing in printed circuit board areas, electronics, as metal (including copper and copper alloys) surface treatment agents, water-soluble preflux, electrolyte additive for lead-acid batteries. An example of compounds potentially possessing such activities is available here (55 compounds).

14.08.2008 Today TOSLab web site is added with search engine. On-line search covers TOSLab Collection of Compounds (16419 structures) and TOSLab Building-Blocks (1021 structures).

09.04.2008 TOSLab announces Super Discount! We offer anabasein (3-(3,4,5,6-tetrahydropyridin-2-yl)pyridine dihydrochloride, TOS-BB-1321)


in up to 50 g amounts at the following prices: 5000 €/50 g, 1650 €/10 g, 1000 €/5 g 330 €/1 g. Greater amounts are available as well. The compound could be delivered in 1.0 - 2.5 months upon the order date. Anabasein is an analogue of natural alkaloid anabasine and could be used in different syntheses, e.g. involving CH-active 3-position.

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