TOSLab offers for sale 1kg of active pharmaceutical ingredient of Mitoxantrone antitumor drug. The quality of the substance is proved by analytical data, CoA is available per request.

22.12.2006 Anabaseine (TOS-BB-1321) and its precursors (TOS-BB-1320 and TOS-BB-1319) are available from TOSLab now. Anabaseine bears active methylene group and readily reacts with aldehydes. It is a key starting material in the synthesis of highly active anticancer compounds.



New Building-Block is added to TOSLab Building-Blocks database.

The ethyl 5-[(chlorocarbonyl)amino]-1,2,3-thiadiazole-4-carboxylate readily reacts with different nucleophiles, e.g. amines and alcohols without contamination of reaction mixture since there is no leaving group but HCl.



TOSLab Building-Blocks database is updated and includes now new unique reagent, bearing three chiral centers: (2R,3S,5R)-5-azidotetrahydrofuran-2,3-diyl bis(4-chlorobenzoate).

Due to its active azido group it could be used for insertion the ribose-like moiety into different structures.


TOSLab Collection of Compounds is updated with 165 new structures.
Current total TOSLab Collection of Compounds consists of 15301 structures.


Updated TOSLab Building-Blocks are available now here. Total database is 896 structures which are divided into three parts referring to their availability:

StatusA (181 compounds) - In stock;
StatusB (174 structures) - Could be prepared in 1-10 working days;
StatusC (541 structures) - Information on availability and delivery time by request.


A number of ADME properties such as AH (Proton Acceptors) and DH (Proton Donors), RB (Number of Rotational Bonds), logP, Solubility, pK, are computed for overwhelming majority of structures from TOSLab Collection of Compounds (available here)

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